In June 2014 we started our most exciting project yet. We demolished an ugly bungalow and built a beautiful new 3000ft2  house with all the benefits of modern technology.

The first part of this was building the carcass for which we used the Kingspan Tech SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) system. This means a vastly superior build is achieved in terms of air tightness (lack of draughts), insulation levels and speed of construction. We then laid stone around the SIPs and fitted the final roof covering as on any other build.

We had consulted a renewable contractor at design stage and were able to include an ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) which is able to provide all the underfloor heating system upstairs and down, all our hot water needs and heat our swimming pool all for a fraction of the cost of traditional heating methods. Additionally we allowed for an MVHR system (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) which removes the need for trickle vents, air extraction and opening windows in winter while recycling all warm waste air. Large folding, sliding treble glazed glass doors provide a warm, light and beautiful open plan home just brilliant for parties and very comfortable to live in. The architectural masterpiece is the suspended elliptical stone staircase with hand made steel balustrading set in the entrance hall.

This project was great value and completed within budget while taking only 8 months from start to finish. It is beautiful to look at but even better to live in.